About Us

We developed our first app in early 2007 with a launch of the first iPhone. Since then we have built 86 apps for all sorts of enterprise clients and industries: hotel chains, air-companies, travel operators, shops, restaurants, SME's, entrepreneurs and startups.

We develop apps for iPhone, Android and Windows mobile.

Not only a beautiful picture, but a working system
A beautiful design and interface doesn't guarantee success of the product. Very often designers concentrate a lot of attention on beautiful pictures and layouts, instead of sorting out the client's problem. That's why we concentrate first on the design of an excellent working system that solves the client's needs. (But we still like to make is beautiful).

Beautiful designed apps and great UX
Only after we have a clear vision of the problem and solution will we design an easy to use user interface with great user experience.

Release first version fast and pivot often
An app is something that people usually use on the go. It all happens fast
1. Take the phone out,
2. Accomplish the task,
3. Put it back.

Interruption is possible at any second. Time is critical. That's why it is critical to start only with key functionality for the app and than add more functionality at later stages. User feedback will provide the most accurate information about next steps.

We love working with agencies
We are happy to provide our expertise to develop apps for your clients.

We do native apps.

Here you will learn about our team

Jason Miller
Co-founding Director of SteadyGo

We have been working with LimeApps for nearly 3 years on a range of projects. Throughout our time working together, I have always found them exceptionally helpful and professional. They can deliver to extremely tight deadlines and always go the extra mile to ensure they meet and exceed delivery targets. LimeApps have great technical knowledge and their treatment of design and UX is exceptional. I consider LimeApps an extension of our own in-house development team.

Kenneth Snyder
founder of LifeGadget

Andrii and LimeApps see their job as not just “building an app” but making sure the right app is built. They are able to focus on aspects like usability and design while also taking the time to understand the “why” behind the requirements and pushing back with constructive feedback when they think there might be a better way. For me this added value is a tremendously important part of a working relationship and I would recommend others to experience it first hand.

Tony Lucas
co-founder at Swipe
Limeapps have been a pleasure to work with. They not only did what we needed of them, they went that step further and made suggestions on how we could improve our idea/service. They are efficient, dedicated and meet their deadlines and best of all, they get back to you within minutes of asking a questions. We will be using them in our future updates and projects.

John Geldart
managing director at Outperform

Andrii provided me with a very effective and efficient app to manage my personal website and blog from all over the world using my iPad. He worked well with the brief to deliver a seamless app which works very well. Andrii was responsive to my demands as a client and swiftly managed the minor bugs and glitches which emerged during development and testing.

Mike Bell
founder & web app developer of the Alphaweb

By chance, I found Limeapps at a London tech trade show. I had an App project to get underway at the time and between Drew and Andrii, they seemed both keen and equipped to assist with the build. Needless to say, I knew exactly what I wanted, down to the very last pixel. Little did we know then, that the undertaking would be a considerable learning curve for all parties concerned but their hands-on and frank approach to the all important aspects of communications and work ethics made it a painless and rewarding journey.
Limeapps sits high in my estimations for their determination, understanding and attention to detail. For those reasons, I have no hesitation in inviting them to scope out the next stages of my project and recommending them to others. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Limeapps.